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Report: Fred Hoiberg already has five-year deal with Bulls
Published On: Sat, May 30

The Chicago Bulls finally got rid of Tom Thibodeau as their head coach last week, and it sounds like they already have his replacement. Actually, it sounds like they’ve had his replacement lined up for much longer. The New York Daily News’...
Source: Bulls, Fred Hoiberg Believed To Agree On Five-Year, $25M Deal
Published On: Sat, May 30

The Chicago Bulls and Fred Hoiberg reportedly already have a deal in place, according to a source. The deal is believed to be worth in the range of $25 million over five years. Hoiberg, who recently needed a second heart surgery, is merely waiting to b...
USC Basketball: The White Mamba
Published On: Fri, May 29

Brian Scalabrine An NBA Champion can come in many different forms. There is the star player who leads the team to victory and does everything he can to make his teammates better. There is the role player who specializes in an aspect of the game, wheth...
Report: Tom Thibodeau not interested in Pelicans, thinks Anthony Davis will leave
Published On: Fri, May 29

Several teams are reportedly interested in Tom Thibodeau in the wake of his firing from the Chicago Bulls. However, the interest may not be mutual. According to NBA reporter Peter Vecsey, Thibodeau does not want to coach the New Orleans Pelicans becaus...
Bulls GM: No teams asked to talk with Tom Thibodeau
Published On: Fri, May 29

Tom Thibodeau may be difficult to work with, but the Chicago Bulls are doing a better job of turning him into a sympathetic figure than they are of validating themselves for firing a head coach that reached the postseason every year he was in charge. B...
Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 5.29.2015
Published On: Fri, May 29

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Why Anger Over Bulls Firing Tom Thibodeau Is Overblown
Published On: Fri, May 29

The backlash regarding the dismissal of Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau really isn’t that surprising.  It’s to be expected considering he was Coach of the Year in 2011 and led the team to a 255-139 record in the regular season...
Report: Several Bulls players threatened to boycott Thibodeau
Published On: Fri, May 29

Several members of the Chicago Bulls wanted Tom Thibodeau gone so badly that they threatened to not show up to the team facility if he wasn’t fired, according to a report. Dan Berstein of CBS Chicago reported on Thursday that “at least th...
The Thibodeau story from start to finish
Published On: Fri, May 29

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Tom Thibodeau Could Tell Phil Jackson: “It’s Not Goink Very Well”
Published On: Fri, May 29

Reaction to the firing of Tom Thibodeau as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls has acquired all shapes and sizes, flowing in every possible direction. There’s a general consensus about the situation in terms of the relationship between Thibodeau...
Bulls part ways with Thibodeau
Published On: Thu, May 28

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Report: Fred Hoiberg “Couldn’t Fully Commit” To Iowa State Return During Recruitment Of 5-Star Cheick Diallo
Published On: Thu, May 28

YouTube Today, the Chicago Bulls ended months of speculation with the firing of head coach Tom Thibodeau. While a number of names have been connected to the opening, one of the most popular is Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg. Earlier this month, IS...
Scottie Pippen supports Tom Thibodeau firing
Published On: Thu, May 28

Former Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen weighed in on the team’s firing of head coach Tom Thibodeau via Twitter Thursday, and the Hall of Famer supported the move. In several tweets about the matter, Pippen, who is employed by the team as a s...
Tom Thibodeau dismissed as Bulls head coach
Published On: Thu, May 28

Chicago Bulls General Manager Gar Forman announced today that Tom Thibodeau will not be retained as the team’s head coach.
Report: Bulls had security escort Thibodeau out of facility
Published On: Thu, May 28

If you thought the divorce between Tom Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls was an amicable one, think again. In addition to blasting Thibodeau in a press release on Thursday that officially announced he had been fired, the Bulls apparently felt that he cou...
Chicago Bulls fire Tom Thibodeau after five seasons
Published On: Thu, May 28

The Chicago Bulls averaged 51 wins per season under head coach Tom Thibodeau. On Thursday, the Bulls fired him. There were plenty of rumors surrounding Thibodeau’s job security despite five winning seasons at the helm. On Thursday, the club made...
Report: Bulls players did not endorse Tom Thibodeau
Published On: Thu, May 28

Barring an unexpected turn of events, the Chicago Bulls will soon part ways with head coach Tom Thibodeau. It is well known throughout the league that Thibodeau and the team’s management do not get along, but what about the players? Thibodeau ha...
Chicago Bulls Still Weighing Their Options at Head Coach
Published On: Wed, May 27

Chicago Bulls’ head coach Tom Thibodeau is on the hot seat (Mandatory Credit: ESPN/ Getty Images) According to NBA sources, the Chicago Bulls are still considering firing head coach Tom Thibodeau. The Bulls have succeeded in the regular season ...
Report: Bulls players told Tom Thibodeau will not be back
Published On: Wed, May 27

One of the worst kept secrets in the NBA is that the Chicago Bulls want to move on from Tom Thibodeau as head coach. It has long been reported that Bulls management was not happy with Thibs and that they have been anxious to fire the head coach. But ju...
Report: Bulls could cheat Tom Thibodeau out of coaching jobs
Published On: Tue, May 26

The relationship between Tom Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls front office is not functional, which is why Thibodeau has one foot out the door after leading the team to the postseason each year since he was hired in 2010. Despite that, one would hope th...
The Chi-Town Shake Up
Published On: Mon, May 25

This was supposed to be Chicago’s year. Their former MVP, Derrick Rose, was coming back fully healthy from another ACL tear. The team signed Pau Gasol, who has championship pedigree. Jimmy Butler was already a top-notch defender and was looking ...
Why Optimism With The Bulls Next Season Is Okay
Published On: Sun, May 24

Having to watch another quality season go down the drain is tough for Chicago Bulls fans and has begun to pull at that compulsion that maybe it’s time to blow the whole thing up and start from scratch. First of all, no.  That route rarely s...
Doug McDermott: “I trust The Bulls Organization To Make The Right Hire”
Published On: Sun, May 24

Doug McDermott probably thought he was in a great spot when he found out he would begin his NBA career with the Chicago Bulls. A top draft pick and on a contender? Seems ideal for any rookie who wants to play and was an elite scorer in college, especia...
VIDEO: Jimmy Butler Confirms Off-Season Plans
Published On: Sun, May 24

The most important piece to the Bulls off-season puzzle, at least from a personnel stance, is of course the re-signing of Jimmy Butler. As we know, Jimmy turned down the Bulls’ four-year, $40 million contract last November and decided to take a ...
Bulls Waiting For Coaching Vacancies To Fill Before Firing Tom Thibodeau
Published On: Sat, May 23

The Chicago Bulls have been waiting for a team to offer a draft pick to hire Tom Thibodeau, but no such offer has materialized. The Orlando Magic and New Orleans Pelicans are two franchises that have had interest in Thibodeau for their head coaching v...
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